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Thank you Roger

Thank you Roger for all your French (and Belgian) fans for your extraordinary concerts in France and close to France. I know you have exceeded the limits of human endurance to give more and more at each show and could see your exhaustion but we didn't feel it at concerts, on the contrary your concerts were really wonderful...

Every year I find easily words to thank you, this year I lack the right words that can express my (our) gratitude..

Maybe the words don't exist or are too trivial or "too pompous" to match with the transcendental reality of your music and the "magical potion" of every concert.

Thank you also for the moments when you made us laugh, cry or love .. It is also the exception of your show.

We are looking forward to see you again, but I hope, I really hope, it will be in "human conditions"... no one can survive without some rest...

Also I have to thank to your amazing band, they've become really good band and what a joy to see them happy on stage. They also contributed that every evening was really special. Today they don't hide your voice and bring a new richness of sound. I hope to see them on stage very soon.

"Last but not least", thank you Linda and Shakti. You made happy "Dreamers of France".

So Thank you again Roger, We love you! Bless you!


Even if it means irritating you, Roger , D.Bowie, E.Clapton, B. Dylan, P.McCartney, B.Springsteen for exemple, and many of the other artists of your generation have or are recently going to bring out new albums. I am not the only fan to ask to you for it or to implore it to you, Roger, age 13 later, he has to be when time after Open The Door, to close this famous door by a new album. Can be that this quest adorned you improper, but we fans look forward to discovering your news songs as much as for Roger to interpret them on future concerts to which you are so much attached. Thank you for having me can be read, but if it is not your moment, understand that for us, certainly demanding fans, it becomes long.

Sans Supertramp surtout avec Roger, la vie serait une erreur !!!!!!
Un jour sans écouter Roger, est un jour de perdu.....

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